Charity Auctioneer

My High Energy Style Will Encourage Bidding Wars To Entertain Your Guests

Auctions are normally run by charity auctioneers who remain on the stage, with little or no interaction with the crowd, other than the bids. This is a perfectly OK way to conduct an auction however it has limited entertainment value and you’ve never going to achieve the full fundraising potential on the night with this method. 

As a charity auctioneer I do things differently. First I’ll get clear on what your outcome and purpose is for the auction. Not only looking at your fundraising target but also what the charity is all about. By doing this I can speak about the charities cause throughout the auction to help increase bids.

I prefer to get amongst the audience, using a wireless microphone, which allows me to take audience interaction to a new level as I encourage bidding wars if multiple bids come in for the same item.  This in turn makes the whole experience a lot more entertaining, which also plays a factor in getting higher bids for lots. 

Charity Auctioneer Testimonials

Charity Auctioneer Case Study

Here’s the stats of a charity ball that I hosted for the Cris Cancer Foundation. 

Total amount raised                   £487,453
Increase from 2016                   £237,453
(I was not hosting this year)
Record Single Donation            £13,500